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The purpose of this itch project is to illustrate the credits requirements for every game project developed at the UE. Please follow this guidelines.

Game Description

Synopsis (nice and snappy short 3 - 5 sentences)

Credits - The Game  is about...
Will you read them?

Key Features (at least 3)

  • Less is More - Let your creative mind wander in the minimalistic game world and fill the visual void
  • Creative Walk and Throw Gameplay – Immersive yourself into the full experience of destroying letters and the game itself
  • Better Than Life Physics – Walk amongst a pewrfectly rendered game world giving yourself the perfect feeling of walking in a virtual space
  • Character-Driven Story Line - Get a glimpse of the people behind Credits - The Fame and find their real counterparts on the internet. They exist!
  • Clickable Credits - Let your fingers frolic by gliding smoothly over your keyboard while enjoying a nice portion of well balanced credits

Repository Link

This is optional, you don't have to link to your repository. But if you do, make it public and use legit crediting, licensing infos and copyright.


Release Notes

If you are uploading a new version of your game (thus: updating it): Don't delete the old versions! Keep them in the project, properly named!

Please also add some release notes to your itch page for every release you make (i.e. release 0.3, release alpha, etc.), either directly here in the descriptions, or through the devlog function.


The credits of your team should contain the names, fields of work and relevant links of every team member. It should look something like this:

University of Europe for Applied Scieneces

Please include the following bits of information into your credits as well:

This game was created at the Game Design // UE at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences.

Supervised by: Prof. Csongor Baranyai
"Build the Toy First"  (WinterSemester 2017/18)

Further Information
(Also: add all creators as Admins to the game page!)

Development log